Resources and information for Maritime District leaders navigating the Covid-19 Crisis.

The Maritime District Executive encourages pastors and congregations to follow the health guidelines in their respective provinces.


Here are our most recent Covid-19 E-Bulletins. Click here to see a full listing.

June 2 - Covid-19 E-Bulletin #19

(Leading into our Future, Staples Supplies in stock)

June 9 - Covid-19 E-Bulletin #20

(Master’s Pentecostal Seminary - District Match Program)

June 12 - Covid-19 E-Bulletin #21

("Reopening the Church" PAOC Resource for churches)

June 22 - Covid-19 E-Bulletin #23

(Camp Quarantine announcement, Video: Reopening Churches Panel Discussion)

June 25 - Covid-19 E-Bulletin #24

(Roberston Hall Update)

June 30 - Covid-19 E-Bulletin #25

(Fall Conference Announcement, COVID-19 Prevention Guide for event organizers,
theatres and performance venues (NS))

July 7 - Covid-19 E-Bulletin #26

(The Big Spend, Update: Summer Zoom Calls, Personal Finance resources)




Reopening The Church - PAOC Resource (June 2020)

Plan to Protect

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